ATL Summer Slam – May 17-19

Summer Slam 2017 coaches wall

11th Annual ATL Summer Slam – 2019


  • BallerTV will stream and film EVERY game
  • Long standing event with 100s of top programs
  • Free parking
  • Great Location – near many attractions, restaurants & shopping in Atlanta
  • Affordable entry fees

Spectator Admission – $20/Day or $50 for a tournament pass.  Credit/Debit Cards accepted at all locations except Sequoyah HS.


Club Teams Pay for our 2019 Event

College coaches click here to purchase a 2019 Packet


2019 Team List 

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2018 ATL Summer Slam

2018 Schedule 

2018 Confirmed Team List

Home team is listed on the bottom

All teams (Players & Coaches) will be checked in at the B200 Level of the GA World Congress Center.  Please make sure you arrive ATLEAST 90 mins in advance of your first game.

We have partnered with the Atlanta Dream for their game on July 22nd – As a team playing in ATL Summer Slam you are able to order discounted tickets thru us – Click HERE

#ATLSummerSlam After Party (21 & Up) Guest List – Register with us for guaranteed access.  Location is Twin Peaks –  3365 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 – July 26th 10pm-2am – No Cover

Spectator Admission – $20/Day; $60/4 Day Event Pass; $50 (Tue-Thur) Event Pass; under 10 Free



Spectator Admission – $20/Day, $60/4 Day Event Pass, under 10 Free


If hotels ever show sold out contact –

Samantha Campbell

Director of Housing

Over 300 College Coaches attended in  2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 – 

Currently confirmed college coaches and media


2017 FINAL CONFIRMED Team list 7/17/2017 –

ATL Summer Slam – July 23-26 – Suwannee, GA STATE
1Dream 2019 NC
1Nation 2018 Bown MI
1Nation Ahart 2019 MI
1Nation Elite MI
3T All Stars 2020 GA
3T All Stars Cook 2018 GA
3T All Stars Franklin 2019 GA
AR Ice National 17U AR
Ball4lyfe Pink 17u FL
BBA Elite NJ
Become1WBB ON
Below the Rim OK 15u OK
Below the Rim OK 17u OK
Bluestar Chamberlain 2019 FL
Boston Showstoppers 15u MA
Boston Showstoppers 16u MA
BWSL 2019 Webb
Carolina Force NC
Carolina Play Hard 13u NC
Carolina Play Hard 17u NC
CFE North 2020 FL
City Rocks 2018 NY
City Rocks 2019 NY
Creole Blazers 14u LA
Creole Blazers 15u LA
Cross Over Hoops 10th VA
Cross Over Hoops 11th VA
Cross Over Hoops 9th VA
Dayton Hoopstars 2021 OH
Dayton Metro Conner 2019 OH
DC Lady Blue Devils DC
DC Lady Blue Devils 15u DC
Diamond on the Hill Dee OH
Diamond on the Hill Guyton OH
Diamond on the Hill Williams OH
DME 2019 FL
DME 2020 FL
East TN Pyro 2018 TN
Excel Greyhounds Black WA
Excel Greyhounds Grey WA
Exodus 15u Gold NY
Exodus 16u EYBL NY
Exodus 17u Gold NY
Exodus 17u Silver NY
Falcons Basketball 2020 TX
Falcons Basketball Silver Gauntlet 17u TX
FBC Lyons 2018 GA
FBC Southeast Elite 2019 GA
FBC Dee 2019 GA
Fernwood Falcons 2018/19 GA
Fernwood Falcons 2021 GA
FGB – Aliyah Gregory FL
FGB – Courtney Williams FL
FGB – Delicia Washington FL
FGB – Ladazhia Williams FL
FGB So. FL Berens FL
FGB So. FL Drummer FL
FGB So. FL Gordon FL
FGB So. FL Swaby FL
Florida Comets 17u FL
Florida Fierce FL
G1Queens FL
GA Dream Team 2018 GA
GA Dream Team 2019 GA
GA Dream Team 2020 GA
GA Havoc GA
GA Metros Navy GA
GA Sparks 2020 GA
Gauchos 2018 NY
Gauchos 2019 NY
Gauchos 2020 NY
Gulf Coast Twisters Gold 2018 AL
Gulf Coast Twisters Red 2020 AL
Harlem USA Panthers 15U NY
Havoc City Sol 13u Jenkins MD
Havoc City Sol 2021 MD
Havoc City Sol Reese 7th Grade MD
HoopDreams Black NC
HoopDreams Gray NC
HoopDreams Red NC
Hoopers NY 15u Bunkley NY
Hoopers NY 16u Reynolds NY
Hoopers NY 17u Bunkley NY
I-90 Elite 10th NY
I-90 Elite 11th NY
I-90 Elite 8th NY
I-90 Elite 9th NY
Indiana Elite 16u hisle IN
Indiana Elite 17u Owen IN
Innerman Runnin’ Rebels GA
Lady Stampede GA
LADY’S 1st (Bryant) 17u OH
LADY’S 1st (DuVal) 16u OH
Leading Lady Elite 2018 IL
Leading Lady Elite 2019 IL
Louisville Legends Gauntlet KY
Louisville Legends Gauntlet KY
Maryland Shock MD
Memphis Lady Mambas 2021 TN
MHSP Elite Wilson 17u MS
MHSP Gray 16u MS
MI Storm Elite (Brown) 2019 MI
MI Storm Elite (Love) 2018 MI
MI Storm Elite (Simpkins) 2020 MI
MI Storm Elite (Taylor) 2019/20 MI
Most Want It MS
MS Fire 2019 MS
NC Valor NC
NDO 17u NY
NJ Lady Titans TPU 13u NJ
NJ Lady Titans TPU 14u NJ
North FL Elite Gold FL
North TX Strive Blue TX
North TX Strive Gold TX
North TX Strive White TX
NY Havoc NY
Ohio Lady Hoopsters 2018 Guice OH
Ohio Lady Hoopsters 2020 OH
Oklahoma Lady Impact 15u OK
OTP Black KY
Penisula Elite Black Adidas 17u CA
Penisula Elite Blue Adidas 15/16u CA
Philly Freedom Stars 2018 PA
Philly Freedom Stars 2019 PA
Philly Triple Threat 2019 PA
PlayHerz TPU 16u NJ
PlayHerz TPU 17u NJ
Power Move 17u MD
Power Move 2019 MD
Power Move 2020 MD
Power Move 2022 MD
Rivals Black 17u MA
Rivals Blue MA
Rivals Gold 2019 MA
Rivals White 2020 MA
SC 76ers Black 17u SC
SC 76ers Cubs 13u SC
SC 76ers Prospects 12u SC
SC 76ers Silver 15u SC
SC 76ers Sizzle 14u SC
Sc 76ers White 16u SC
SC Future 10th SC
SC Future 11th SC
SC Future 9th SC
SC Hornets SC
SC Lady Raptors Elite SC
Sports U 17u NJ
St. Louis Eagles 2019 MO
St. Louis Eagles 2020 MO
St. Louis Eagles 2021 MO
St. Louis Eagles 2022 MO
Swish Atlanta 16u GA
Tampa Bay Inferno 2019 FL
TBA-T 11th Arete TN
Team 252 NC
Team B Wright 2018 Gold TN
Team B Wright 2018 Platinum TN
Team B Wright 2019 Gold TN
Team B Wright 2020 Gold TN
Team B Wright 2021 Blue TN
Team B Wright 2021 Gold TN
Team Elite 2021 Brown GA
Team Elite Columbus 2018 GA
Team Elite Columbus 2021 GA
Team Elite Columbus 2022 GA
Team Legacy Hoops Jr GA
Team Legacy Hoops Soph GA
Team Loaded Davis 2018 VA
Team Loaded Davis 2019 VA
Team Phoenix Busby NC
Team Slink 2019 KY
Team Slink 2020 KY
Team Slink Graphite TN
Team Slink Pink TN
Team STL Adidas Red MO
Team United 14U NC
Texas Elite Adidas Silver Gauntlet 832 TX
Texas Elite Stars 2019 TX
TMP 16u SC
TMP 17u SC
TN Flight TN
TN Flight 7th Family TN
TN Flight 8th Navy TN
TN Flight Soph Navy TN
TN Flight Soph Silver TN
TN Rush 2018 TN
TN Trotters 2018 TN
TN Trotters 2019 TN
United Conquerors 2021 MA
United Conquerors 2022 MA
WPA Bruins 2019 Murray PA
WPA Bruins Cash PA
WPA Bruins Zeise PA


2016 Committed Teams

6th Man Lady Warriors LA
AD Elite TX
AL Avatars AL
AL Lady Legends AL
BlueStar FL FL
BlueStar FL FL
BlueStar FL 2019 FL
Bolingbrook Panthers 15u IL
Bolingbrook Panthers 16u IL
Boston Showstoppers MA
Boston Showstoppers MA
Carolina Force NC
Carolina Force NC
Carolina Play Hard Titans 15u NC
Carolina Play Hard Titans 17u NC
Chair City Phoenix NC
Classic Lady Aztecs GA
Cyfair Premier TX
FBC Magic 17u CA
Florida Fierce FL
GA Dream Team GA
GA Sparks 2018 GA
GA Sparks 2020 GA
Gauchos NY
Gauchos NY
Golden City 15u CA
Golden City 17u CA
Greensboro Galaxy NC
Gulf Coast Twisters Gold Elite FL
Gulf Coast Twisters Red FL
Havoc City 17u DC
Havoc City 15u DC
Hickory Hurricanes NC
I-90 Elite 10th Gauntlet NY
I-90 Elite 11th Gauntlet NY
I-90 Elite 8th NY
I-90 Elite West NY
IN Elite SWISH Bartley IN
IN Elite SWISH Kessler IN
IN Elite SWISH Owen IN
IN Next Level IN
KJ Basketball 15u NJ
KN9NE Platinum AZ
KY Premier KY
Lady Crusaders 2017 GA
Lady James Shooting Stars OH
Lady Jets Elite White TX
Lady Phoenix NC
Lady Phoenix Deans NC
Lady Phoenix Dynasty NC
Lady Phoenix Elite NC
Lady Phoenix Ingram 2020 NC
Lady Wolverines 17u NC
Lady’s 1st OH
Manzer Basketball 17u SC
Memphis Dream 2017 TN
Memphis Dream 2021 TN
Memphis Mambas AW TN
Memphis Mambas Bell 2018 TN
Memphis Mambas Bell 2019 NY
Memphis Mambas Bell 2020 MS
MHSP 16u Phenoms MS
MHSP 17u Williams MS
MI Storm Horne… MI
MI Storm Love. MI
MI Storm Wichtner.. MI
Mount Holly Stars 2018 NC
MS Fire MS
MS Fire MS
MS Lady Hornets 10th MS
MS Lady Hornets 8th MS
NC Team Xpress Carter NC
NC Team XPress Heggie NC
NDO 16u Elite NY
NDO 17 Elite NY
NDO Hurricanes NY
New Heights ’19/’20 NY
New Heights 17u NY
NFL Elite Future FL
NFL Elite Gold FL
NFL Elite Silver FL
North TX Strive Blue TX
North TX Strive Gold TX
North TX Strive White TX
NSL Sports FL
NSL Sports
Peak Skills Tarheels NJ
Philly Freedom Stars PA
Philly Freedom Stars PA
PlayHerz Basketball Club NJ
PlayHerz Basketball Club NJ
PlayHerz Basketball Club NJ
Power Move 17u MD
Power Move 2020 MD
Riverside Hawks Blue NY
Riverside Hawks Gold NY
Riverside Hawks Green NY
Riverside Hawks White NY
Rock Hill Rising Stars 10th SC
SC 76ers Black SC
SC 76ers Cubs SC
SC 76ers Prospects SC
SC 76ers Silver SC
SC 76ers Sizzle SC
SC 76ers White SC
SC Lady Raptors SC
SoCal Select Black CA
Swish Atlanta 16u GA
Tampa Bay Inferno 8th grade FL
Tampa Bay Inferno Elite FL
Team 252 11th NC
Team Lady Wall NC
Team Loaded 16u VA
Team Loaded 17u VA
Team Missouri MO
Team Phoenix Busby NC
Team Slink 15u TN
Team Slink Graphite TN
Team Slink Pink TN
Team St. Louis Blue MO
Team St. Louis Red MO
Team St. Louis White MO
Texas Elite Adidas Christian Black TX
Texas Evolution TX
TN Dream Platinum 16u TN
TN Fury – 10th TN
TN Fury – 11th TN
TN Fury – 8th TN
TN Fury – 9th TN
TN Lady Magic TN
TN Shock Orange TN
TN Shock White TN
TN Shock White TN
TNDBA Silver Elite TN
Upward Stars Upstate 17u SC
Upwards Stars Riverfront 2017 SC
VI Daughters USVI
Westchester Hoopers 13u NY
Westchester Hoopers 14u NY
Westchester Hoopers 16u NY
Westchester Hoopers 17u NY
WOK Hoop Family TN
WOK Hoop Family TN

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Past Event Coverage


FULL COURT – 2013 ATL Summer Slam Coverage

2012 ATL SUmmer Slam Coverage



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