Nebraska Attack- Hard Work Pays Off!

By Roekwan Holmes: @Unstoppable_23 (Twitter)

Nebraska Attack’s motto revolves around work ethic and development. They are providing a platform to help athletes gain exposure on the national level and develop them from the ground up. “We don’t focus on winning championships, we focus on developing champions.” In a 3 year span, this program helped 37 players get to the next level! In the process of growing this program, they’ve also made athletes from Nebraska more visible to the country.

Nebraska Attack wants to be on the big stage so they can prove themselves against some of the top competition in the country. They will be in attendance for IE Hoosier Heat (July 6-8) and Southern Showtime in Atlanta (July 20-22).

July will be a be big for this program as they have anxious players ready to get to the action! The 17U team holds some top tier talent from Nebraska. First up is Maddie Krull (PG, 5’8, 2020). The South Dakota commit brings a next level energy to the game! This player may be one of the most athletic and quickest on the floor at all times. She played on this program’s top team for three years. Krull is a vocal athlete that can read the floor and make opportunities not only for herself but her team as well. She is what you want in a two way player. This athlete is an aggressive on ball defender always looking to push the break. Krull is looking to finish the summer out strong and represent Nebraska Attack on the UAA circuit!

Maddy Meehan (Wing, 5’11, 2020) may be one of the most underrated athletes in the state! Meehan is a one of a kind player every organization needs. Tough as nails and always looking to make the big play. She does all the dirty work for the team. At 5’11, she is always looking to rebound on both sides of the ball, dives for loose balls, takes charges, and defends elite ball handlers. All the little things she does has a massive contribution to the team’s success. Currently she holds mid major interest and offers.

Parker Stafford (F, 6’0, 2020) can jump out the gym! Athleticism just comes natural to Stafford. She is a strong, physical presence on both sides of the ball. Always looking to rebound as soon as a shot goes up. Defensively, she can lock down multiple positions, plays passing lanes, and is very knowledgable of when to play help side. Summer will be big for her. Currently Stafford holds mid major interest and offers.

Allison Weidner (PG, 5’10, 2021) is a poised guard who knows how to score and when to takeover! Weidner is a small town kid from Nebraska, and all she knows is hard work and basketball. She is constantly working on her game trying to get better every time. Her mid range pull up game is nearly unstoppable. The elevation she gets on the pull up makes it work every time. A lefty guard who can just flat out score. What more can you ask for? Currently holds a South Dakota offer and other D1 interest.

16U holds some young talent that will be looking to prove themselves despite age. First up is Mya Babbitt (PG, 5’9, 2023) and Cora Olsen (CG, 5’8, 2023). These two athletes are hard nosed with relentless motors. Babbitt is a crafty ball handler with great vision of the floor. Not only can she facilitate but, her scoring ability can not be denied. She can really fill up the score sheets. Olsen is one of the leaders for this group. She is a fearless competitor always looking to win. She has that “dog” mentality you just can’t teach. The best quality for Olsen is  how level headed she is. No matter what happens in a game, she never gets rattled or detoured from her main goal. Both athletes are receiving D1 interest.

Jenna Hopp (F, 5’10, 2023) is a volume shooter who knows what shot she’s looking for. Often the team tries to set her up, but Hopp has the ability to create her own shot as well. She has a long frame which helps with her shooting. Hopp currently holds an offer from Wichita State and other D1 interest around the midwest.

Maddie Portwine (F, 5’11, 2021) and Kyra Fischer (F, 5’10, 2021) are both two way shooters for Nebraska Attack. Portwine does best without the ball in her hands. Her off ball movement is key to her scoring. She is constantly looking to stretch the floor and is always ready to shoot. Fischer is more of the catch and shoot player. Both players shoot at their highest point which makes it tough to defend. Fischer does well with rebounding, hitting the outlet pass, and getting in position to shoot. Both players know where they can be the most affective and plays accordingly.

The goals are to maximize potential, get their athletes the right looks, and advance in every tournament they play in. Nebraska Attack is ready to hit the road and get the show started. This is a team full of competitors. Just know it will be a battle if they are on your schedule!